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Every year in April, the Puyallup Fair hosts the Spring Fair.  For the last 8 years, the Wild Ones have been there to start off our coaster riding season with a ride or two on the Classic Coaster Thrillride.   The group was small this year, but the weather was beautiful and it resulted in a great day and a great start to the summer.

As per usual, we started the day off with a couple rides on Coaster Thrillride.  The ride was running great as usual with some pretty good airtime in the backseat as well as the front.  Below, Steve and Kala ride while Scott and Mark (hidden behind big Steve) enjoy the backseat.
Since it usually rains at the Spring Fair, we had the opportunity to enjoy some of the shows that we normally miss.  This included a great bagpipe band (shown in front of the Fisher's scone wagon-Yummy!).
This was a really cool new ride called Flying Tigers.  It was kind of like a suspended version of the Whip that was a little slower than a regular Whip.  It was a cool looking ride and I would love to see a full size, full speed version of this ride for grown-ups.

We also watched a really cool frisbee dog show that included a New Guinea Singing Dog (one of only 189 left in the world) and a cool Leopard Dog that stalked the frisbee just like a big cat.  It was a great show to watch.

The pig races are a Fair classic.   After the races you can always buy a "Poopin' Pig" for $1.  What a deal!

Samantha spent most of the day in the stroller, but she really loved the dog show and a magic show we watched starring Steve The Pretty Good.  Overall, we had a great day with great weather.  The season is definitely underway.  Next up:  Silverwood Opening Day!