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WILDCAT                                       WILD RATING--

The Wildcat at the Puyallup Fairgrounds is a compact steel coaster.  Walking to the coaster, one can't help but look at the impressive structure as it looms overhead.  The track and supports are rusted and badly in need of a paint job, but what do you expect from a ride that is only open 3 weeks out of the year.  The Wildcat looks especially great at night as the sun sets behind it and the lights come on.
Riders climb into very cool looking hot rod style cars in groups of 4 as the ride begins.  The single cars quickly climb up the 50 foot tall lift hill and drop down a short hill before rounding a corner and hitting the biggest drop of the ride.  From there it is a non-stop series of drops and turns finishing off with an intense helix finale.  It is a fast, smooth, intense ride from start to finish.  It is also one of those coasters that are great for the family to enjoy together (if you can afford it). 

I watched one particular family on a recent trip.  The youngest daughter was very nervous getting onto the ride and really had to be talked into it.  I expected to see a crying child when they exited the train.  Instead I saw nothing but smiles as the family of 4 departed the car and immediately got back in line.   The Wildcat isn't a huge rollercoaster and it certainly isn't something you would expect to find at a huge theme park, but for a smaller park or something like the Puyallup Fair, it is perfect and has been for almost 20 years.

Location-Western Washington Fairgrounds Designer-Anton Schwarzkopf


Speed-40 MPH

Ride Time-1:25

Capacity-900 Riders/Hr